Open-up to the wonderful world of education. The requirement for English teachers and ESL jobs are high. The increase in demand for English teachers should help you to choose this exciting career which also involves traveling, exploring new places, languages and culture!

Teacher training at its best, in Dubai

Have you ever wanted to travel abroad and make a difference? There is no better way to achieve this than by teaching English in Dubai. The city of Dubai is by far the most cultured and advanced city of the Middle East. It offers a vast amount of beauty, culture, and entertainment. Our Teaching English as a Foreign Language Certification in Dubai is an accredited face-to-face course that will prepare you for the "difference-making" position of teaching English throughout the world.

Our TESOL course will help you get an overview of many different teaching methodologies, gain hands-on teaching practice and allow you to interact with our professional to seek feedback/advice on various aspects, including job support. Lift your confidence required to present yourself as a teacher.

6 week intensive TEFL course with practicals

6 Week Intensive TEFL
  • 6 weeks, 120 hours of intensive TESOL course with practical teaching skills.
  • Class-room based, with students attending the classes at our institute.
  • City & Guilds Approved Center, Accredited by EAQUALS.
  • Guaranteed placement for at least one top graduate with FREE career guidance and support.

Online and Practicals Combined

Extended, Combined TESOL Course
  • Ideal for those who are able to study independently and can handle the assignments in a timely manner.
  • Course begins on every Monday of the week, for seven consecutive weeks.
  • Teaching practice component taken during the week.
  • Job placement assistance, with FREE career guide and support provided.

Prestigious and Accredited TESOL

Our 6 week intensive TESOL course is an internationally recognised qualification, helping you to start a teaching career in Dubai and abroad. Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a prestigious teacher training certificate awarded by our institute, accredited by EAQUALS.

Benefits of TESOL Course in Dubai

  • The public schools of Dubai have a secondary emphasis on learning English as a second language.  This will ensure great job security for you.
  • Dubai is very culturally diverse so you will be sure to find all of your culture needs such as religion, shopping, and even night life.
  • Dubai is steadily growing economically and has been voted the best place to live in the Middle East.
  • The pay for the English teaching positions are competitive and will help you excel to higher positions.

Get Started: Jump-start your TEFL career

It is not difficult to begin your dream of working as an English teacher. You just have to start by submitting the requirements and we will assess them to see if you qualify for our TEFL course. Follow the below steps and be part of this exciting career choice.

  • 1Submit your application (for FREE) - [ Submit Now ]
  • 2Take a small English language, grammar test.
  • 3Book your place, if you qualify.

What Next?

Your dream to an exciting career is just a click away!

You might want to consider working in the progressive country of the United Arab Emirates as a professional English teacher. You can start your dream of earning big and at the same living the exciting life of an Emirati. Your success as an English teacher in UAE will never be elusive again, for the right chance is here for you.