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Prestigious CELTA and TESOL Courses - Internationally recognised teacher training course with career guidance and support in Dubai.

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The requirement for English teachers and ESL jobs in UAE (and the Middle East) are always increasing, thus creating a plethora of unique job opportunities for teaching English in Dubai as well as the rest of the United Arab Emirates.

With our CELTA or TESOL certification course, which is one of the main requirements for teaching English, you can expect to teach in one of the public or private schools in Dubai. Either of these teacher training courses will offer you a TEFL certificate that is recognised at an international level, helping you succeed as an English teacher.

A TEFL course prepares you with the skills to teach, helps you stand out in the global ESL market and provides a pathway for further professional development.

The CELTA Course we offer is KHDA approved in Dubai.
Online CELTA Course

NEW CELTA Online Course in Dubai. The same value and reputation as the face-to-face course at a discounted price.

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Flexible TEFL Courses Formats

Our TEFL course is delivered in 3 formats. You can select the one that is most suitable based on your lifestyle/schedule.

Full-time TEFL
Full-time TEFL Course: 4 Weeks

4 weeks of intensive, face-to-face, 120-hour classroom-based course + 80-hour of self-study for lesson planning and assignments.

Part-time TEFL
Part-time TEFL Course: 9 Weeks

Attending two days a week + an alternate Saturday for classroom-based learning for 10 weeks + self-study with instructor support.

Online TEFL New
Online TEFL Course: 15 Weeks

12-week online course with input sessions and teaching practice conducted over video conference and web-based tools.

Pick a TEFL Course of your choice

We offer two TEFL courses in Dubai, the Cambridge CELTA (Full-time/Part-time and Online) and the International TESOL. Both are globally recognised standard teaching certificates, essential for individuals (native or non-native) willing to teach English abroad.

1. Cambridge CELTA Course

Cambridge CELTA Course

The CELTA course is a preliminary English teacher training qualification accredited by the prestigious University of Cambridge. The course is delivered by Cambridge Language Assessment Authorised centres and covers the basic principles of effective English teaching. In addition to providing a formal qualification, our CELTA course helps you acquire a range of teaching skills through observation of experienced teachers and real-life practice teaching with learners of different difficulty levels.

CELTA Course Options:
1 Full-time 4 weeks From, 11,000 AED
2 Part-time 10 weeks From, 11,000 AED
3 Online 12 weeks From, 8250 AED New
Online CELTA In-class CELTA

2. International TESOL Course

International TESOL Course

International TESOL course provides foundational knowledge to teachers on the theory and practice of English language teaching. The course emphasises practical language teaching skills with classroom management, planning and analysis while ensuring the professional development of teachers. Our TESOL course will fine-tune your teaching skills through practical teaching experience of young or adult learners. This course is offered only as an 8-week part-time course in Dubai.

TESOL Course Options:
1 Part-time 8 weeks From, 5,500 AED
TESOL Course Details

Internationally Recognised TEFL Certificates

Both CELTA and TESOL courses are Internationally recognised and accepted by ESL employers, government organisations, language schools, corporates and businesses in Dubai and around the world.

Quality Training, Theory & Practicals

Both TEFL programs offer in-depth theoretical and practical elements to the course, with 6 hours of teaching practice and classroom observation, meeting international ESL standards.

Great Demand for English Teachers

The demand for English teachers is ever-growing, creating vast opportunities for TEFL graduates to pursue a career, teaching young learners, adults, professionals and businesses.

Focus on Practical Teaching

Both TEFL certification program gives enough importance to practical teaching and feedback, which is an integral part of the course - where you will be teaching real students in small groups.

Teach, Travel and Explore

Our TEFL certificates are recognised globally so that you can choose to travel and teach in any country of your choice, thereby learning new languages, cultures and meeting new people.

No Expiration of Certificate

Unlike a few other professional teacher training certificates, your TEFL certificates do not expire. Once you have completed the course successfully, it becomes a valuable asset for life.

Why choose a CELTA or a TESOL in Dubai?

Teaching English in Dubai is a lucrative way for expats to migrate to the United Arab Emirates, and a TEFL certificate is a major entry requirement. Taking a TEFL in Dubai is an opportunity to live in a world-class city and get absorbed into the ESL market. There are no taxes on salaries and ESL teachers are paid very well. Typically, teaching English is one of the most respected occupations in the city.

Although the official language of Dubai is Arabic, English is also widely spoken, making ESL positions more demanding. However, a TEFL certificate recognised by the Dubai government like the CELTA or the international TESOL puts you at the forefront where employers can easily notice you among a pool of candidates.

Monthly salary for TEFL qualified teachers in Dubai is quite attractive between AED 8,500 to AED 25,000 with incentives, including airfare. A beginner teacher who has just earned a TEFL certificate in Dubai will be able to make enough to live comfortably and save. Furthermore, the large international community ensures that ESL teachers from foreign countries feel at home within the state.

Teaching requirements in Dubai

The basic requirements for teaching English in Dubai include a bachelor's degree and a teaching license from your home country. However, the ESL market is quite competitive, and the highest consideration is given to teachers with more qualifications. This is where your TEFL certification comes in. A TEFL certificate will undoubtedly enhance your chances of getting a teaching position within the city. Some institutions may also require a master's degree and at least one year of teaching experience.

The Ultimate Guide to Teaching English in Dubai
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We are a team of professionals and teachers working together to provide you with the right TEFL course to meet your career goals. Deciding the right TEFL course can sometimes be overwhelming. We give you the best, transparent and personalised advice based on the most current ESL trends in the teaching industry. Currently, we have partnered with two of the top TEFL providers in Dubai to provide accredited TEFL courses with extensive career guidance and job support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Should I choose CELTA or a TESOL course?

Cambridge University offers CELTA while our centre in Dubai is providing TESOL. Both courses are recognised within the ESL industry. However, CELTA is considered to be more intensive and thus, depending upon your requirement (for a job), your investment budget and time constraint, you can choose one of these courses. Also read: CELTA vs TESOL

Is teaching experience required to take any of these TEFL courses?

No. You don't need to have prior teaching experience to take any of the courses. Our TEFL teacher training courses are equally suited for those with little or no teaching experience.

Do you offer a job guarantee?

Job placement is offered subject to your performance and requirement at the institute for at least one top graduate. Career guidance and support are provided throughout your teaching career. Read more on job placement support.

Will there be a final exam?

No, there is no final exam. The continuous assessment and assignments during the course will determine the student's eligibility to pass.

English is not my first language. Can I still take the course?

Yes, you can. As long as you can demonstrate a good level of competence in spoken and written English, you can choose to take CELTA or TESOL.

Do you arrange visas for the course?

No, we do not. We request all applicants to have (or get) a valid visa for the entire course duration before applying for CELTA or TESOL.

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