CELTA Entry Requirements

For those looking to take their first steps in English language teaching (ELT) or enhance their current teaching skills, CELTA is the course for you. Recognised and respected by employers worldwide, the CELTA will give you the skills and knowledge needed to succeed in ELT.

Before you apply for our CELTA, below are a few requirements you will need to meet:

  • A minimum of 18 years old.
  • A completed secondary education (high school diploma or equivalent).
  • Proficiency in English at a C1 level or above.
  • The ability to commit to the course (4-week full-time, 12-week part-time).

(Note: You do not need a degree to take our course.)

Proficiency in English: While you may not need to produce any certificates, you must have a good level of English, both written and spoken, to be able to take the course and teach a range of students in different settings. This will be assessed during the application process.

No Formal Educational Qualification: Although having a formal educational qualification is mentioned by Cambridge, it is not necessary if the applicant can demonstrate the potential to complete the course successfully.

Non-native English Speakers: We accept applications from non-native English speakers, provided they demonstrate their English language proficiency to us through a written task and an interview (conducted online or in-person).

Some of the other qualities that will make your journey smooth throughout the CELTA course are:

1. The ability to commit to the full four weeks of the course

The CELTA course is intensive, and participants are expected to be present for the entire four weeks to complete all the required teaching practice and assessments. If you cannot commit to the full four weeks, you might want to consider a less intensive part-time or a blended course.

2. The ability to work effectively both in a team and independently

The CELTA course is very much a team effort, and you will be working closely with your fellow participants and instructors. At the same time, you will also be expected to complete your assignments independently.

3. A willingness to learn and adapt to new situations

Our CELTA course is very hands-on and puts you in many different teaching situations. Therefore, you must be open to learning new things and adapt to new situations.

4. The ability to take criticism and feedback - and use it constructively

As with any learning process, there will be times when you make mistakes. It is crucial that you can take criticism constructively to learn from your mistakes. To improve as a teacher and make your CELTA course journey a success, you should be open to feedback from your instructors and fellow participants.

5. The ability to manage stress and maintain a positive attitude

For some, the CELTA course can be demanding, and therefore it is important that you effectively manage stress and maintain a positive attitude.

6. The ability to evaluate your own performance and set goals

Throughout the CELTA course, you will constantly evaluate your own performance and set goals. Therefore, you must be able to introspect to improve your teaching.

7. Willingness to accept new experiences and cultures

As a CELTA participant, you will be working with people from all over the world. It is therefore important that you are open to new experiences and cultures.

If you are a fighter, a winner, and have an "I can do it" attitude, our CELTA course might be the one for you. It takes a little hard work and dedication to complete the course, but it is indeed an incredibly rewarding experience.

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If you're interested in becoming a teacher or are already a teacher and want to take your career to the next level, then our CELTA TEFL course is the perfect investment to fulfil your dreams.

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