CELTA Course Assessment

The CELTA course is assessed continuously. There are no final evaluations or examinations. Instead, assessments take place throughout the course, and each component contributes to the candidate's overall grade.

There are two types of CELTA assessment: Teaching Practice and Written Assignments.

Teaching Practice: 

You will be observed teaching four classes, two with beginners (A1 level) and two with false beginners or elementary students (A2 level). You will have a chance to discuss your lessons with the tutor before and after each lesson.

Written Assignments:

You must complete four written assignments (each 750–1,000 words). These focus on:

  • Analysing and responding to adult learner needs
  • Analysing language for teaching purposes
  • Teaching language skills
  • Reflecting on classroom teaching

These must be submitted by the end of the course.

CELTA Assessment Criteria

Four main criteria are assessed in the CELTA course:

  • 1. Planning and Preparation
  • 2. Teaching Skills
  • 3. Language Skills
  • 4. Professional Development

1. Planning and Preparation:

This criterion assesses the trainee's ability to plan and prepare for their lessons. It looks at factors such as whether the trainee has prepared appropriate materials, selected tasks suitable for the student's level and objectives, and organised the lesson clearly and logically.

2. Teaching Skills:

This criterion assesses the trainee's teaching abilities, such as their use of body language, voice projection and eye contact, and classroom management skills. It also looks at whether the trainee can engage and motivate their students.

3. Language Skills:

This criterion assesses the trainee's ability to use language accurately and effectively in the classroom. It looks at factors such as the trainee's pronunciation, grammar and vocabulary knowledge, and ability to explain language points to students clearly.

4. Professional Development:

This criterion assesses the trainee's professional development during the course. It looks at factors such as the trainee's openness to feedback, willingness to reflect on their performance, and ability to take responsibility for their own learning.

Each of the four assessment criteria is weighted equally.

The CELTA certification is awarded to candidates who have completed the course and demonstrated their proficiency in all aspects of the curriculum.

An external moderator from Cambridge English assesses the portfolios and teaching practice of each candidate and awards a passing grade.

At the end of this course, students will be able to:

  • Evaluate learners' needs and design English lessons that take into account each learner's background, learning preferences and current needs.
  • Demonstrate their language knowledge and awareness of teaching strategies.
  • Show their understanding of language skills and how they can be acquired.
  • Prepare lessons that aim to develop their learners' overall language ability.
  • Use a range of English language teaching skills at this level, displaying professional awareness and responsibility.

Candidates must show that they are able to plan and prepare lessons, engage and motivate students, and use language effectively in the classroom.

They must also demonstrate professional development during the course by being open to feedback, reflecting on their own performance, and taking responsibility for their own learning.

CELTA Grading

The Certificate is awarded to candidates who have met the course requirements and whose performance meets or exceeds the criteria in both assessment components.

A Pass (Grade A) is awarded to candidates who perform well on written assignments and show above-average ability and achievement in teaching practice. They will need some guidance in their post but will be able to work independently.

A Pass (Grade B) is awarded to candidates who have written assignments that meet the specified criteria and who have demonstrated in their teaching practice a higher level of achievement than what is required to meet pass-level criteria. However, they will still need some guidance to help them develop and expand their range of skills as teachers post-graduation.

A Pass is given to those who do well both in the teaching practice and written assignments. Although they still need some guidance, they have the potential to develop and improve their skills as teachers.

Candidates who are unsuccessful in any of the assessed components will receive a Fail. A Fail is only awarded in exceptional circumstances and if there are severe shortcomings in several course areas.

If a trainee is unsuccessful in their first attempt at CELTA, they may retake the course.

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