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The global TEFL market is dynamic, and there are lots of courses springing up at every corner. For most individuals willing to take on the teaching career or those considering getting a formal ESL qualification, choosing the right TEFL course may be quite a frustrating challenge.

The decision on which of the numerous TEFL courses to take can be quite tiring and time consuming, especially with all different acronyms flying across the internet such as ESL, EFL, TEFL, TESOL, CELTA, DELTA and so on. Despite the seemingly confusing terms and cumbersome decision process, we offer a straightforward way to make a decision and find the TEFL course that is best for you.

Remember, supporting you in making the right choice of TEFL course and getting a fulfilling job is our major goal and for you to be able to choose the best TEFL course, you need to understand what each course is and which one really suits your purpose. To make this easier, below are the things you should look for when choosing a TEFL course.

Things you should consider while choosing a TEFL course?

The first question you need to ask yourself is: Why do you need a TEFL course?
For you to be on this page, we assume you have decided to begin an English teaching career or already are in the English teaching profession, and you are looking for a formal qualification to boost or kick-start your career. As such, you must select a certificate that supports this mission.

A TEFL course capable of boosting your English teaching career must have the following features:


Taking a TEFL course without accreditation is like pouring water into a basket. You will most likely learn nothing, and secondly, once you are done with the course, there will be nothing to showcase when it comes to being accredited by any government, institution or body. TEFL courses that are not accredited or issued by an authorised body will only leave you hanging by the time you are done. Therefore you must ensure that you must choose a TEFL course that has proper accreditation.

International Recognition

The best TEFL course must be recognised not only at the country where it is being taken but should also be known internationally. This helps guarantee that you will get a job in any country of your choice upon completion. Obtaining a TEFL certificate that is popular among ESL employers across the world makes your application more attractive, and you will easily stand out in a pool of candidates during the application or interview process.

Practical Training

Teaching is a highly practical profession; therefore, you must choose a TEFL course with practical elements like teaching practice, lesson planning, classroom management, observation etc. Usually, when an employee considers a teacher, they look out for candidates who possess certain practical teaching skills or have had teaching experience. 

Based on the above listed factors, let us consider our International TESOL and CELTA that we are offering in Dubai.

Both courses are highly practical in nature, with an average of 100+ contact hours with practice teaching in real-life contexts. Also, both programs are recognised by governments, institutions and ESL employers in Dubai and across the world. 

Conclusively, both the International TESOL and CELTA courses are capable of helping you to launch or boost your ESL teaching career.

So, what is the difference between TESOL and CELTA?

Although both the CELTA and TESOL are great TEFL courses, the decision on which to choose will depend on certain factors, but first, you need to understand a few of their differences:

1. CELTA is accredited by the University of Cambridge and widely considered the most recognised TEFL certificate in the world. Nevertheless, the TESOL is also globally recognised but accredited (or offered) by our center in Dubai. Although this does not undermine the value of the TESOL certificate, a few ESL teachers may prefer a course accredited by a global body than one issued by an individual provider.

2. The government of some countries may place preference on a specific TEFL certificate for ESL teachers. For example, if you are planning on teaching English in Canada or America or maybe a country where English is not a native language, there may be specific requirements for ESL teachers either in favour of a TESOL certificate or a TEFL certificate like the CELTA. In such a case, the requirement (your job requirement) will easily help you make a decision.

If after considering the differences, you are still unable to make a choice, then you can consider the following factors:

Course Duration: While CELTA can be taken in 3 delivery formats, the 4-week full-time course, the 9-week part-time course and the 15-week online/blended course; the TESOL course is delivered in an 8-week part-time format. Depending upon your convenience and flexibility, you can choose either of these courses.

Budget /Cost: While CELTA is widely regarded as the most popular TEFL certificate among ESL employers across the world, it is also more expensive than the International TESOL. Typically, taking a CELTA at any of our centres in Dubai will cost about AED 8250 to AED 8400 while taking a TESOL will cost about AED 4716.

Job Requirements: Sometimes, employers in certain institution or countries may be very specific about the particular TEFL certificate they require. Therefore if you have a preference for a specific school or country, you should do your research on the type of TEFL certificate they need before you choose your course.

Other factors to consider are:

Student Age: Consider the kind of students you intend to teach because CELTA is more geared towards teaching adults (though you can use both CELTA and TESOL certificates to teach young learners).

Teaching Style: Some of the countries (especially in the East) may not align to the CELTA style of teaching (or teaching methodologies taught during the course), in all practical sense due to the local, cultural influence.

Visa: You should also consider if a CELTA or a TESOL certificate can be considered as a valid document by visa-issuing bodies where you wish to teach.

With the above details, the task of choosing a TEFL course that’s best for you should be easier. Simply check which factors related to your situation and which course suits your purpose the most. Nevertheless, if you still have any doubts, then feel free to call or send us a message. We are willing to listen and give you the best advise based on your preferences and the most current trends in the global TEFL industry.

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