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Should I choose CELTA or a TESOL course?

CELTA is offered by the Cambridge University, is an intensive 4 week course (now delivered through online mode) while the in-class part-time TESOL is a face-to-face course taken over a period of 8 weeks, with classes once every week. Both courses are recognised within the ESL industry. However, CELTA is considered to be more intensive and thus depending upon your requirement (for a job), your investment budget and time constraint, you can choose one of these courses.

English is not my first language, can I still take the course?

Yes, you can. You can opt for either a CELTA or an In-class TESOL. The course requires you to have a strong enough command of the English language that will enable you to successfully submit written coursework and teaching method essentials according to the standards of the University of Cambridge.

Is teaching experience required to take any of these TEFL courses?

No. You don't need to have a prior teaching experience to take any of the TEFL courses.

What does the fee for the program include?

The program fee includes tuition and registration. Airfares, accommodation, and food are not included.

Will I be able to find a job after passing the course?

The TEFL job market is excellent and finding employment is a fairly straight forward matter. With just a little patience, you will certainly locate work in no time, usually in the area of your choice.

Do you provide stationery for the course?

No, we do not provide any form of stationery for student use. We recommend that you bring your own notepads, pencils, pens, etc. as well as your choice of folders and files to store the handout material the tutors may provide.

Do you offer job guarantee?

Job placement is offered subject to your performance and requirement at the institute for at least one top graduate. Career guidance and support is offered throughout your teaching career. Read more on job placement

Will there be a final exam?

No, there is no final exam. The continuous assessment and assignments during the course will determine the student's eligibility to pass.

Do you arrange visas for the course?

No, we don't. We request all applicant to have (or get) a valid visa for the entire course duration before applying for CELTA.

Do you offer part time CELTA course?

Yes we do. However due to the CoVID-19 situation, we are currently offering the CELTA in an online format through Zoom, and our TESOL as 8 weeks part-time course.

Who teaches the CELTA course?

The tutors for the CELTA course are professional qualified teachers, accredited and appointed by the University of Cambridge. All instructors have the CELTA Trainer qualification as well as many years of teaching and training experience.

Do you provide accommodation?

No, we do not provide accommodation for students. However, we can provide you with information regarding accommodation in Dubai, UAE.

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